Obesity may worsen a woman’s chance of developing aggressive breast cancer

Women’s Health Initiative researchers have conducted a study which suggests that obesity may increase the risk of getting triple-negative breast cancer, a form of the disease which is characterized by low estrogen and progesterone as well as a certain gene expression known as HER2.

Researchers examined the health data of more than 155,700 women and found that participants with a body mass index (BMI) above 35 – which is classified as obese – have a 35 percent higher risk of developing the form of breast cancer, which typically comes with a poor prognosis.

Additionally, women in this weight category had a 39 percent increased chance of developing another type of breast cancer.

Authors of the study noted that physical activity was associated with a lower risk for the disease. Results of the trial suggest that along with getting more exercise, obese women may be able to stave off breast cancer by losing body fat.

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