Obesity and malnutrition

Many think that being overweight means that you have enough food to sustain the body. The unfortunate truth for some obese people is that although they’re getting far too many calories, they are empty, unnutritious calories. Obese individuals from around the world actually suffer from malnutrition.

One study published by the National Institute of Health investigated the prevalence of malnutrition and obesity in a small Brazilian village. The study found that 30 percent of the children in the village were malnourished, some of whom were obese. Over 6 percent of the boys were obese and nearly 9 percent of the girls were obese. Percentage of obesity in malnourished children increased if one of the parents was obese.

Even if your child is overweight, they may still be undernourished. In addition to a healthy diet, children should take a multivitamin to get adequate levels of essential nutrients. Dr. Newton’s Naturals has several vitamin supplements suitable for children, including EZ Melts Multi Vitamin. This easy-to-take melt is a favorite among children for its tasty orange flavor, plus it has the recommended daily value for children for all necessary vitamins and minerals.

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