Obese people have higher death risk from sleeping pills

Everyone has trouble falling asleep once in a while. Some combat the problem by sipping a cup of hot tea, while others will count sheep until they can find a way to get some shut eye. Of course, others find sleeping pills to be the most effective way of fall asleep quickly. However, a recent study present at an American Heart Association’s scientific session found that obesity significantly increases the risk of death tied to sleeping pills.

Researchers found that obese people who had 18 or fewer prescription sleeping pills per year had nearly a doubled risk of morality than non-obese people. This equates to about one extra death per year for every 100 people who took prescription sleeping pills. The risk was also higher for men who took the medications than women.

Therefore, the study authors hope physicians will encourage patients to try other methods of getting to sleep other than sleeping pills. For instance, people can benefit from taking advantage of the body’s natural clock, going to sleep and waking up with the sun.

“Understanding how to use the circadian rhythm is a very powerful tool that doesn’t require a prescription,” explains Lawrence Kline, D.O., study co-author.

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Sleeping few than seven to eight hours per night is associated with many health risks. However, because sleeping pills have been found to have such adverse side effects, especially in obese people, it is a good idea to stick to all-natural products such as this one from Dr. Newton’s Naturals. Fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed with the help of Sublingual Sleep.

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