New research suggests vitamin B-12 may help treat hepatitis C

How much vitamin B-12 do you receive daily? Found in fish, eggs, meat and dairy products, this essential nutrient supports immune system health and can stimulate red blood cell and DNA production, yet many adults do not receive the proper amount of this vital vitamin.

New research suggests that it may have another advantage. For those diagnosed with the standard hepatitis C virus (HCV), vitamin B-12 may help treat the disease.

Published online in the journal Gut, the study found that standard treatment coupled with vitamin B-12 may help suppress HCV in patients with strong infections, reports Science Daily.

Over 90 participants diagnosed with HCV were selected to receive either standard treatment or standard treatment coupled with vitamin B-12. Participants in the latter group received high doses of the vitamin every four weeks for the duration of the study, which lasted 24 to 48 weeks depending on the severity of the infection. Those with genotypes 2 and 3 were treated for 24 weeks, while participants with genotype 1 remained under care for 48 weeks.

Researchers found that those with genotype 1, which is the harder of the strains to treat, experienced greater overall improvement. They also concluded that by incorporating vitamin B-12 into a standard therapy plan, the rate of sustained viral response was improved by 34 percent.

According to the source, between 60 to 80 percent of those suffering from HCV will go on to develop chronic hepatitis. Of this group, an estimated third are expected to develop terminal liver disease and cirrhosis of the liver. Interferon and ribavarin are used to treat the disease, yet they have mixed rates of success.

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