Naturally regain focus at work

Are you having trouble focusing throughout your workday? Before you jump to a self-diagnosis of adult ADD, consider these other factors that could be affecting your attention span:

Boredom: Unfortunately, many people are unsatisfied with their current careers and report boredom as one of the main causes of their unhappiness. When you’re bored, you are particularly susceptible to distraction, because everything seems more alluring than the task at hand.

Reward yourself with breaks or a snack, and try to get moving during your break. Instead of going out for a cigarette break, go for a 10-minute walk. If you need a cup of coffee, get out of the office and go to the coffee shop around the corner. A change in surroundings can help control boredom.

Multitasking: You may think you’re saving time by multitasking, but it’s easier to lose focus when you’re constantly switching between tasks. You lose time and momentum as you shift your concentration from one thing to the next.

Fatigue: Losing sleep over stress and mental distraction can have a serious effect on your workday. It impairs your memory and attention span. If you’re tired, those boring tasks will do nothing but make your eyes heavier.

If you need to boost your concentration and energy, consider a healthy supplement instead of that energy drink or fifth cup of coffee. Natural Energy, available at Dr. Newton’s Naturals, can naturally revitalize you to keep you going through the rest of the day.

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