Natural remedies for pain

Laughter has long been called the best medicine, and there are several scientific studies to back this up. It releases endorphins, which make people feel comforted. However, new research led by Robin Dunbar of Oxford University delved deeper into the effect of laughter on pain tolerance.

The study consisted of tests in the lab and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The results showed that people who were either in or viewing comedic performances showed higher tolerance to pain afterward than those who were not.

Finding natural ways to treat pain is always important in the healthcare industry, particularly because prescription pain killers can be dangerous and habit-forming. If you have mild but chronic pain, a natural supplement, like those available through Dr. Newton’s Naturals, may be just what the doctor ordered for symptom relief without the harsh side effects.

Dr. Harris’ Original ETArelief Pain Relief System is an enzyme-based supplement that helps to support a healthy immune system and joint function to relieve pain associated with joints or illness.

So watch your favorite comedian, spend time with your funniest friends and take Dr. Harris’ Pain Relief for a healthy, safe way to manage your pain.

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