More benefits of fiber revealed

After analyzing data from the National Institutes of Health AARP Diet and Health Study, researchers found that individuals with a high consumption of dietary fiber reduced their risk of death as well as cardiovascular, respiratory and infectious diseases.

The study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, includes the health and nutrition information of more than 388,000 people who were examined over an average period of nine years.

Individuals who consumed the most dietary fiber – about 29 grams (g) for men and 26 g for women – decreased their risk of death by 22 percent when compared with participants who consumed low amounts of fiber – about 13 g for men and 10 g for women.

Additionally, rates of cardiovascular, respiratory and infectious diseases dropped by 24 to 56 percent in men with high fiber intake, and 34 to 59 percent in women who consumer high-fiber diets.

Results of the study suggest that adding fiber supplements – like those offered by Dr. Newton’s Naturals – to everyday meals may help stave off many different types of diseases, as well as promote good digestive health.

Nutranetics Digestive Fiber from Dr. Newton’s Naturals contains naturally-derived fiber that may aid in digestion and prevent disease or premature death.

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