Mariah Carey sheds pregnancy pounds

Many women struggle with losing weight after pregnancy. It is not easy to get on a strict diet and workout regime while caring for a newborn, getting little sleep and going back to work. And while gaining weight during pregnancy is natural and healthy, some women never lose the added pounds, which can become unhealthy.

Pop singer Mariah Carey is an inspiration to new mothers, as she was able to lose her pregnancy weight just three months after the birth of her twins, reports US Magazine. “It was a huge blessing to be able to have the babies but I felt trapped in my body because I couldn’t move,” she told the magazine. But the star did not feel trapped very long, as she reportedly lost 30 pounds within the three months. She is now a size six and shows off a flat and toned tummy.

You might be thinking “Well, that’s easy for her. She’s a celebrity and probably has nutritionists and personal trainers.” This is probably true. However, you have the opportunity to try Skinny D from Dr. Newton’s Naturals. Formulated by Dr. Agin, it has been clinically tested to deliver fast results. So while you may not be a celebrity, you can lose pregnancy weight as fast as one.

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