Majority of doctors recommend and use dietary supplements

A team of researchers analyzed data from the Healthcare Professionals Impact Study and found that use of dietary supplements is widespread among physicians.

Additionally, the majority of doctors surveyed reported recommending supplements to their patients as well.

“Health professionals including physicians have an interest in healthy lifestyles and in habits that may contribute to wellness, which may include the use of dietary supplements. Some surveys of physicians suggest that they are as likely as members of the general public to use dietary supplements,” the study authors stated.

Among dermatologists, 75 percent said they use nutritional supplements and 66 percent said they prescribe them for their patients. Furthermore, 57 percent or cardiologists reported personal usage and 72 percent said they recommend them for heart health. More than 70 percent of orthopedic specialists admitted they take the nutrient-boosters and 90 percent advised use among their patients.

Most of the physicians said they use the supplements for overall health, with heart health, lower cholesterol and joint function also scoring high.

Results of the study suggest that nutritional supplements – like those offered by Dr. Newton’s Naturals – may help keep individuals in line with doctor’s orders.

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