Low vitamin B levels could contribute to memory loss

We already know that, in addition to their many benefits, B vitamins help to properly metabolize food and help with nerve function. Having a vitamin B deficiency can have serious, irreversible consequences, such as permanent nerve damage.

If you still need another reason to take a B supplement, like Vital B-100 from Dr. Newton’s Naturals, then perhaps reducing your risk of Alzheimer’s will convince you. The brain naturally shrinks with age, and those with the greatest reduction in brain volume are at a higher risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease and other age-related dementia.

A British study found that those who took supplements containing B12, B6 and folate had less brain shrinkage than those who didn’t. These findings show that older people with low vitamin B may be more prone to brain shrinkage and its associated memory loss.

Vitamin B is important at any age, and those who believe they may be at risk for a deficiency, such as vegetarians and those with auto-immune disease, should take a supplement like Vital B-100 to ensure they are getting enough of these essential nutrients.

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