Low B-6 levels may cause DNA strand breakage

Researchers at Washington State University have found that those with unacceptably-low levels of vitamin B-6 are more prone to suffering from DNA damage that could lead to cancer. Given B-6’s role in the synthesis and repair of DNA strands, researchers say the government’s recommended daily amount is currently too low.

The results of this study are in line with several others that espouse the efficacy of increased B-6 intake. In general, men and women who took B-6-enriched supplements, such as EZ MELTS Energy, Clarity & Mood from Dr. Newton’s Naturals, were less likely to develop colon, pancreatic and lung cancers.

The body uses B-6 to produce thymine, which itself is a component of DNA. Without sufficient levels, the body isn’t able to make as much thymine, which forces it to create a similar component using other chemicals. Because this alternative component is not normal to DNA, cells have a more difficult time repairing strands, which is one of the first steps in the development of cancer.

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