Lavender oil shown to kill skin and nail fungus

Researchers at the University of Coimbra in Portugal have conducted a study which suggests that lavender may have the ability to effectively kill fungi that cause skin and nail infections.

Published in the Journal of Medical Microbiology, results of the study showed that distilled lavender oil is lethal to skin-pathogenic strains of fungus that leach keratin and nutrients from skin and nails, causing Athlete’s foot, ringworm and other infections.

Authors of the study noted that there is a need for non-traditional therapies for these skin conditions as instances of them appear to be growing, especially in individuals with compromised immune systems. Additionally, resistance to anti-fungal medications is on the rise.

The discovery of this natural remedy may come as relief to those who suffer from nail infections, scalp conditions, ringworm and Athlete’s foot since many cosmetic and therapeutic products contain lavender oil.

For instance, Skintastic Face and Body Cleanser from Dr. Newton’s Naturals contains lavender as well as other calming and nourishing ingredients like chamomille, green tea and rosemary extracts.

Dr. Newton’s Naturals also offers an exfoliating product called Beach Buffer, which is meant to soften hands and feet, but may also fight skin infections due to its lavender content.

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