Krill oil versus fish oil

You may have been hearing lately that krill oil is a better alternative to fish oil for consuming omega-3 fatty acids. This is not only true in regards to it not having a fishy smell or aftertaste – there is a variety of other benefits to taking a krill oil supplement over fish oil.

There have been several scientific studies that have shown omega-3 krill oil is better absorbed into the body than omega-3 from fish oil. The phospholipid bonds in krill oil are absorbed into the body’s cell membranes easier and faster because cell members are made from phospholipids.

Furthermore, krill oil that comes from icy arctic waters is typically considered to be a superior natural source of omega-3 because it may have a greater purity compared to fish oil that has been derived from waters with more pollutants. Krill oil is also available in massive quantities, making it the more sustainable choice.

OmegaKrill from Dr. Newton’s Naturals is made with pure antarctic krill oil and has been minimally processed and encapsulated immediately so it stays fresh and maximizes the antioxidant benefits. Dr. Pinkus’ OmegaKrill contains the power of 30 fish oil pills in one dose, so try it today for its many amazing benefits!

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