Is it strep throat or a cold?

As the cold and flu season is upon us, it’s important to do everything you can to ward off illness. In addition to hand washing and getting adequate fluids, you can increase your body’s defenses by adding a vitamin C supplement to your diet. Super C22, available at Dr. Newton’s Naturals, is great for keeping your body healthy and strong. This doctor-formulated supplement supplies 1,500 mg of vitamin C from 22 sources. Unlike traditional supplements in capsule form, Super C 22 makes a tasty drink that your body absorbs quickly.

If you do happen to get sick, it’s important to be able to differentiate between a virus like the common cold or a bacterial infection, like strep, that needs to be treated with antibiotics.

If you have a sore throat that is accompanied by a stuffy nose and other cold symptoms, it most likely is not strep. Strep throat produces white spots on the back of the throat and is often accompanied by a high fever, headache, loss of appetite and nausea. Strep is also known to cause a rash that spreads from the neck and chest to the rest of the body. If the rash develops, it becomes known as scarlet fever.

If you have strep throat, you’ll need antibiotics to keep the bacterial infection under control. Antibiotics should not be taken if a virus is suspected to be causing the pain. If you have a severe sore throat that is keeping you from being able to swallow, visit your doctor for a rapid strep test.

In the meantime, take a vitamin C supplement, like Super C22, and do your best to stay healthy this winter.

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