Is a caffeine overload making you more tired?

Busy work schedules, families and social calendars can all make it difficult to get enough sleep. Many people turn to caffeine to perk up, and while in small to moderate doses it can keep you bright and alert, too much caffeine may actually cause fatigue.

Cutting out caffeine altogether isn’t necessary and may lead to increased irritability, headaches and lack of concentration. Slowly reduce the amount of coffee, tea, chocolate and energy drinks you have throughout the day. Limit yourself to one or two caffeinated beverages and only drink them before noon so they don’t affect your sleep that night.

If you still feel like you need caffeine all day to keep you going, you probably have a problem with sleep and nutrition. Even if you think you are getting enough rest, it may not be sound, quality sleep. Taking a supplement, such as CalMax Sleep from Dr. Newton’s Naturals, can improve sleep quality and supply your body with necessary nutrients for added energy.

Don’t let lack of sleep, or too much caffeine, get you down. Try CalMax Sleep and have more energy and a better night’s rest.

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