Increase your energy with vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 has been showing up in news sources lately as a critical nutrient to watch for. In the past, this energy-boosting, essential vitamin wasn’t given much attention – but now, several studies are showing that not only can its deficiency be life-threatening, but it’s more common that most people think.

Research from the Framingham Offspring Study suggests that about two-fifths of Americans may be on the edge of a B-12 deficiency. In addition to severe consequences such as nerve damage and pernicious anemia, a lack of this nutrient can lead to lethargy, depression and confusion.

Many find that taking a B-12 supplement helps to immediately boost energy, and there are many products available, though not all of them produce the same results. Methylcobalamine is perhaps the most bio-available form of B-12, and it’s the source used in Dr. Pinkus’ Sublingual B-12 Advantage.

If you’re B-12 deficient, you may be suffering in ways you don’t even realize because your body has adjusted to feeling weak and fatigued. Because it plays a major role in energy metabolism, adequate B-12 enhances athletic performance and endurance. Don’t let low levels of this essential vitamin get you down.

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