How much time do your children spend watching television?

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself how much time your kids devote to watching television? This is a simple question that too many parents these days seem to forget. After all, it seems only normal for a child to watch a little TV when he comes home for school while he eats an afternoon snack and unwinds from a long day. Some parents also find that letting the kids watch television during dinner is a good alternative to traditional family dinners on busy weekdays. Later, iff the children want to watch their favorite program before bed, what’s the big deal?

However, if a child is able to watch television from the time he gets home from school until he goes to bed at nine, this is five hours per a day and a whopping 25 hours in a single school week. Add this to time clocked in playing video games and browsing the internet, and the time your children spend looking at electronic screens may amaze you.