How can I get my child to eat vegetables?

Vegetables are packed with all kinds of essential vitamins and nutrients. Unfortunately, most kids could care less about the benefits of veggies and refuse to eat them. If your child is a picky eater, you are probably concern that they’re not getting what they need for proper growth and overall well being.

Approximately only 21 percent of children eat the recommended five or more servings of vegetables each day, according to the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System survey conducted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Therefore, you may want to consider giving your children and young adults an all-natural supplement that provides them with the recommended daily servings of fruit and vegetables through a super concentrated drink mix. Created by Dr. Michael Pinkus, Ultimate Reds is formulated with two dozen of the most potent immunity-boosting fruits and vegetables in the world including resveratrol and acai berries.

Ingredients in Ultimate Reds include Acai berries, beets, bilberries, black currants, blueberries, carrots, cherries, cranberries, grapes, elderberries, luteins, lycopenes, mangosteens, pomegranates, prunes, raspberries, resveratrol, strawberries, tomatoes and Vitamin C. Although this product only contains natural ingredients, consider contacting your child’s pediatrician to make sure it is okay for your child to drink.

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