Hippity hoppity a (natural) Easter is on its way

Peter Cottontail is certainly about to hop down the bunny trail, but this year he’s not bringing jelly beans and colored eggs. This Easter is going to be a little different if Dr. Newton’s has anything to do about it. That’s because this holiday doesn’t have to be all about baby chick-shaped marshmallows covered in sugar, cream filled candies and honey ham. There’s no reason to put your health in jeopardy just because it’s a holiday – you can celebrate it by giving your friends and family some of the great products from Dr. Newton’s Naturals, and of course, enjoying some for yourself!

This year instead of stuffing the kid’s Easter baskets with sugary candy that can lead to cavities, obesity and diabetes, consider packing them full of special treats from Dr. Newton’s. CalMax Kids is one of the best selling, all-natural products offered, as it is made especially for children and is packed with nutrients little bodies need. Formulated with calcium and magnesium, you simply drop the supplement into hot water to make a fun drink. Kids love the fizzing sound it makes and the natural punch flavor.

Consider getting plastic bags and putting a few CalMax Kids tablets into each. Place the bags inside plastic Easter eggs and have a fun Easter egg hunt with the kids. Imagine how surprised and excited they will be to see to see all-natural nutrient supplements inside the eggs, instead of the same old boring chocolate candies!

For the adults in the family, a product like Natural Energy would be great to give away. Who couldn’t use more energy every once in awhile? Plus, you will be doing all of your loved ones a favor because they won’t be forced to drink coffee, energy drinks and other forms of energy that can cause anxious jitters. Natural Energy provides the body with the nutrients it needs to produce energy. Containing six essential nutrients, it supports the adrenal glands, the parts that provide back up energy when it’s needed the most.

Consider wrapping each bottle in a pastel ribbon and tagging it with a person’s name to incorporate Natural Energy into your Easter dinner. These will be a creative alternative to typical name place holders and everyone will appreciate the gesture.

Don’t let this holiday put your loved one’s, and your own, health at risk. This year could be one for the record books if you incorporate Dr. Newton’s Naturals into your family’s favorite Easter traditions.

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