Help your children stay active and keep them at a healthy weight

It may seem intuitive that active kids who receive the proper amounts of sleep will be healthier and at a better weight than kids who spend their days watching television. However, perhaps due to the hurried lifestyle so many parents have become accustomed to, children seem to often fall under the radar, spending more hours simply lounging on the couch and snacking away on foods high in fat and calories.

A recent study illustrates, once again, that young children who are more active, sleep more and watch limited amounts of television have the healthiest body weights. Therefore, it is important to create a healthy environment for your child and help him to stay active.

“It’s time to fully acknowledge the environmental impact of healthy behavior,” said Wolfgang Ahrens, one professor linked to the study. “The more effective policy makers, teachers, caretakers and parents work together in creating a healthy environment, the easier it will be for children to learn healthy living.”

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