Help your body go to sleep

Some nights your head hits the pillow and you’re out like a light. However, it seems like you’ve only been asleep for two minutes when you’re awake. These are the mornings you wake up feeling rested, rejuvenated and better than ever.

However, other nights you toss and turn for hours, watching the clock and wondering why you can’t fall asleep. The longer you stay awake, the more stressed out you become. This can lead you to spend the entire day tired and irritable.The next time you can’t fall asleep, consider trying a few natural remedies to make those eyes a little sleepy and to ensure that you consistently doze off into a peaceful slumber.

Tracey Marks, the author of Master Your Sleep, explains to the Huffington Post that one of the best things you can do to fall asleep is get your mind and body ready for sleep an hour before bedtime. Do this by taking a warm bath, getting into your pajamas and turning off all electronics. This will allow you to unwind and relax before it’s time to fall asleep.

You might also want to try an all-natural sleep aid from Dr. Newton’s Naturals. Formulated by Dr. Pinkus, Sublingual Sleep is made with melatonin, magnesium and vitamin B-12 to relax muscles and calm nerves. It can help the body fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up restored.

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