Healthy foods are among the dining trends for 2013

Some of the newest food trends for 2013 are healthy choices that will help people keep their weight down and benefit from nutrients not found in processed food.

Kale may have been the green vegetable of choice last year, but consumers have access to a greater variety of vegetables than ever before in their local supermarkets.

“Vegetables will continue to move to the center of the plate, catering to vegetarians, vegans, flexitarians, foodies and nutrition-conscious carnivores alike,” David Sprinkle, research director of consumer market researcher Packaged Facts, told the Chicago Tribune.

Greek yogurt has given new life to the popular dairy product, but now experts say it’s being used more in dips, sauces, smoothies and cheesecakes. Replacing higher-calorie sour cream and cream cheese in recipes is an added health plus for those watching their weight.

Noodles are perennial favorites, but those that are becoming more available in Asian food aisles include udon, soba, cellophane and rice noodles. Try them in noodle bowls mixed with fresh vegetables, soups and salads.

Freshly squeezed juice rather than processed juices and sodas is another trend to watch as parents try to curb their children’s intake of sugary beverages.

Bon Appetit calls tea the new coffee, but to get the best health benefit, try white teas that are the least processed and have a delicate flavor. Green teas, long known for their antioxidant value, shouldn’t be brewed in water that’s too hot because it can turn bitter. Both white and green teas have only traces of caffeine and also come in decaffeinated versions.

Just as many of these foods strengthen one’s immunity, dietary supplements such as Ultimate Reds from Dr. Newton’s Naturals are a good addition to the daily diet. With the antioxidant value of 20 fruits and vegetables, Ultimate Reds improve immune function, support joints and contribute to good cardiovascular health.