Glucosamine may help prevent multiple sclerosis

Neurologists at Jefferson Medical College have found that glucosamine, which has been known to help with joint pain relief, may also be beneficial against the fight against multiple sclerosis. Scientists found that laboratory mice with regular intake of the substance dramatically delayed the onset of the disease’s most acute symptoms.

“It would be fantastic if glucosamine works in humans because we have a product that has a long track record for safety, and most importantly, can be given orally,” says lead researcher A. M. Rostami.

Glucosamine supplements, such as Nutranetics Flex Joint Health from Dr Newton’s Naturals, are widely available and easy to take. In addition to the prevention of multiple schlerosis sclerosis, they may help promote healthy joint function and a healthy immune response. According to, more than 350,000 Americans live with MS, which is as of yet incurable.

Lab mice were given glucosamine orally and intravenously, and in both instances the mice showed a delayed onset of MS. Once those animals became ill, the symptoms were much less severe than those without any supplementation.

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