Getting even the pickiest eaters to eat their vegetables

One in three children is obese – yet, malnutrition is on the rise. Part of the problem is simple: children aren’t eating their vegetables. A recent study at Penn State observed the dietary and nutritional changes in children ages 3 to 6 who were eating their favorite meals enriched with hidden vegetables.

Researchers found that children ate the same volume of food when the vegetables were pureed into the meal, yet they consumed 11 percent less calories. At the end of the study, the preschoolers ate twice as many vegetables as they would have otherwise eaten, while maintaining the 11 percent reduction of calories.

Many parents are concerned about their children’s eating habits, especially if they have picky eaters on their hands. Pureeing vegetables into their meals is certainly one way to increase vegetable intake without them noticing. If your child is a particularly picky eater, she may be in need of a multivitamin. Dr. Newton’s Naturals offers many easy-to-take vitamin options that are approved for children (such as EZ MELTS™ Children’s Multivitamin), so you never have to worry that your finicky eater is getting adequate nutrition.

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