Get Your Beach Body Ready – Pronto

beach exercise longSwimsuit season is right around the corner. Are you ready? Don’t worry – it’s not too late to get into shape! Adding these moves to your daily routine can help you firm up quickly. Just pick one move for each part of your body (upper, lower and core) and do five sets twice a week.

  1. Caterpillar (upper body) – Stand with your feet together. Bend over, bringing your hands to the floor and then slowly walk your hands forward to come into a push-up position with your hands in line with your shoulders. Do one push-up. Keeping your hands planted on the floor, walk your feet toward them and return to standing. Think about what a caterpillar looks like moving across the earth. That’s one rep. Keep your core tight throughout the move. Do 10 reps.
  2. Bear Crawl (upper body) – Begin in the “up” part of a push-up with your core tight and body in a straight line, your hands outside your shoulders, and feet together. Do one push-up, then move your right hand next to your left hand and right foot out to the right so your feet are wider than your shoulders; do another push-up. Return to start position. Repeat the entire move 10 times; then do 10 reps in other direction.
  3. Mountain Climber (core) – Begin in the “up” part of a push-up with your hands outside your shoulders, feet together, and core engaged. Bring your left knee forward toward your right elbow so your left hip points toward the floor; return to the start position, then repeat on the opposite side. Continue alternating for 30 seconds.
  4. Alternating Bug (core) – Lie on your back with your arms and legs pointing toward the ceiling, core engaged, and feet flexed (much like a dead bug). Lower your left arm and right leg until they are parallel to the floor. It’s okay if you aren’t in a perfect 90-degree angle. Return to the previous position and repeat on the opposite side. Your arm and leg movements should be fluid and slow. Continue to alternate for 30 seconds.
  5. Curtsy Lung (lower body) – Stand with your feet together. Step your left foot across and in front of your right foot while dropping your right knee down in a lunge position. Push into both feet to return to standing, then repeat on the opposite side; that’s one rep. For best form, keep chest and chin up as you lunge. Do 10 reps.
  6. Jump and Tuck (lower body) – Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Bend your knees and push your hips back to lower into a squat; jump forward as far as you can, landing with your feet hip-width apart. Immediately jump as high as you can into the air, bringing both knees up toward your chest; that’s one rep. Land softly, with your knees slightly bent. Do 10 reps. If you don’t want to jump, just do a regular squat.