Former football players should especially watch their weight

There are several potentially dangerous weight loss and appetite-suppressing products on the market, but Dr. Agin’s Skinny D is an all-natural supplement that is both safe and highly effective. Created by a physician, Skinny D is clinically tested to promote healthy weight loss by providing the body with increased protein intake, allowing users to feel full and energized.

Weight loss and decreased fat intake is important to the health of everyone, but a new study suggests that it should be of particular importance to former football players. According to the research, the star high school football players who gain weight in adulthood can experience increased short and long-term effects to their mental and physical health as well as cognitive functioning.

Researchers believe this is related to the repeated head trauma that football players endure during football games. However, diet and overall health can improve the negative effects of this trauma. “Even years after they’re done playing sports, athletes can improve their diet and exercise habits to improve their mental and physical health,” says nutrition and exercise physiology expert Pam Hinton.

Therefore, football stars of yesteryear may want to consider taking a supplement from Dr. Newton’s Naturals that can not only promote a healthy lifestyle, but promote rapid weight loss for that upcoming reunion.

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