Five ways to stay healthy this winter

It may seem impossible to ward off the common cold or flu this winter, but these pointers may allow you to get through this season tissue and antibiotic-free.

1. Cover your mouth and wash your hands. – This is obvious, but not always followed, advice. If you sneeze, cover your mouth with your hand or arm and immediately wash the infected area.

2. Avoid crowds. Stay away from germs by avoiding large and compacted crowds whenever possible.

3. Get enough sleep and water. Flu germs and other bacteria commonly travel better in the cold, so amp up your immune system with proper amounts of sleep and hydration during the winter.

4. Get your flu shot. Those who get the flu shot reduce their risk of getting the flu by 90 percent. Those odds are certainly worth the slight sting.

5. Take an all-natural supplement. Super-charge your body’s immune system with Super C22 from Dr. Newton’s Naturals. With 22 forms of vitamin C, you’ll be receiving 2,500 percent of your recommended daily value of vitamin C in one tablet, the nutrient used to defend the body from the cold and other illnesses.

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