Fattening fall foods that may surprise you

The crisp fall air brings with it cravings for hearty home-cooked meals, but beware of hidden calories in some of your favorite harvest dishes. It doesn’t take a trip to a registered dietitian to know that eating an entire bowl of Halloween candy isn’t good for the waistline, but many fall foods that are loaded with fat disguise themselves as being healthy.

If you’re watching your diet, stay away from pot pies. One frozen chicken pot pie can pack on 1,000 calories. For an equally delicious and hearty dinner, try roasted chicken with vegetables and a whole wheat roll.

Chili, cream-based soups and stews are great for staying warm, but not so much for staying fit. Ditch the cream and choose chicken noodle or vegetable instead. If you crave a hearty chili, order a bean chili and skip the meat and added cheese.

If you’re trying to slim down this fall, consider a diet supplement like Skinny D, available at Dr. Newton’s Naturals. Skinny D is the perfect supplement to get a head start on your weight loss because it keeps you satisfied for longer, and unlike those comfort foods, it doesn’t pack on the pounds.

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