Fall weight loss tips

Don’t let the end of summer mean the end of your motivation to stay in shape. Just because you aren’t frolicking along the beach in your teeny bikini doesn’t mean there’s no reason to take pride in your body. In fact, fall is the perfect time to put some extra punch into your weight loss plan. You can get active and stay fit while enjoying the fall foliage.

Still, no matter how active you are, as you age your metabolism slows. Each year it seems harder and harder to lose weight. That’s why a weight loss supplement like Dr. Agin’s Skinny D, available at Dr. Newton’s Naturals, can help jump-start your calorie burning exercise plan so that the pounds fall off faster. This fall, try Skinny D in addition to your favorite fall activity so you can get some weight off before it’s time to make your next New Year’s Resolution.

During the fall season, you can really enjoy outdoor sports and recreation. Temperatures and humidity levels have decreased significantly, but the crisp air is still nice enough to enjoy. Running, hiking and participating in organized sports like soccer and football are a great way to burn some extra calories.

If you’re a parent, fall offers additional weight loss benefits – like the gift of time. Now that the kids are back to school you can take a little extra time to yourself to start that yoga class or walk around the nearby lake. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something you enjoy. Having fun with your exercise plan is the best way to stay motivated.

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