Excessive omega-6 and insufficient omega-3 levels linked to generational obesity

Research conducted at the Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, in France, has deduced that a chronic excess of omega-6 coupled with a deficiency of omega-3 may be responsible for obesity among future generations. The study was conducted by exposing mice to this diet and examining the consequences with each successive generation.

Omega-6 is found in abundance in the traditional “Western” diet. It occurs in corn, which is not only used to manufacture a great number of food products but also to feed the animals that we also consume.

The steady rise in obesity in Western societies has shown a staggering 250 percent increase in omega-6 intake, while omega-3 consumption has fallen by 40 percent. Exposure to a similar diet in a controlled animal population was enough to produce similar results through their own generations.

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