Excess weight may lead to disease

Researchers from the University of Glasgow recently reported the results of their study, which suggest that obesity on its own may account for an increased risk in cardiovascular disease and death.

The authors said that it had previously been assumed that rates of death and disease associated with obesity were due to related factors like diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. However, when they corrected for these conditions, they still found a 60 percent higher rate of death in people with a body mass index (BMI) above 30.

The health data of more than 6,000 middle-aged men with high cholesterol but without diabetes or cardiovascular disease was examined over a 15-year period.

The study’s lead author said that when research began 20 years ago, it was difficult to find obese people to participate in the study since rates were lower than they are today.

Results of the study suggest that people who are obese or at risk of becoming obese may improve their health and extend their life expectancy by losing weight. Supplements like those offered by Dr. Newton’s Naturals may aid in weight loss without nutrient restriction.

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