Even golf pros like Phil Mickelson could benefit from an all-natural joint supplement

Anyone who knows a thing or two about golf has heard of the famous and immensely talented golf professional Phil Mickelson. Ever since winning the PGA Tour as a college junior, the golf world and public media has had an eye on him. In fact, in 2004, Ford even created a campaign around the slogan, “What will Phil do next?”

What Phil did next was go on to win the Masters twice and be the best overall player to compete in the Masters for the last five years. He has averaged an incredible 70.40 per round. He has also shined in the U.S. Open for the last five years and has averaged 71.25 per round. In the Masters and U.S. Open alone, Phil Mickelson has earned $5,221,007 in winnings.

However, this is one aspect about Phil, amongst the success and fortune of professional sports, that can make his days sometimes difficult and painful – he is one of approximately 600,000 Americans who suffers from psoriatic arthritis. Psoriatic arthritis is a very serious disease and can cause some people to become almost entirely immobile over time.

He announced his psoriatic arthritis diagnoses at a March 2011 press conference in New York City. “Every joint in my body started to hurt to where I couldn’t move. I would just [lay] down and couldn’t roll over,” he explained.

Since then, Phil has become the face of a well-known drug that provides psoriasis therapy by injection. Although this seems like a fine course of treatment, the cost for the type of treatment Phil is on can add up to more than $15,000 each year. Not to mention the possible side effects, which include hepatitus B, autoimmune reactions, blood problems (some fatal), heart failure and new or worsening psoriasis.

Instead of taking expensive, dangerous, and not to mention painful, injection treatments for joint pain and stiffness, consider at least trying an all-natural supplement for joint health first. Dr. Newton’s Naturals offers multiple supplements to promote healthy joints, including Nutranetics Flex Joint Health. This all-natural supplement contains nutrients to help joints such as chondroitin, MSN and glucosamine.

While Nutranetics Flex Joint Health is not meant to treat or cure diseases like psoriatic arthritis, it can relieve symptoms and overall joint health naturally and safely.

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