Elevated brain levels of magnesium can increase learning and memory

The results of a study published in the journal Neuron show that increased levels of magnesium in the brain can lead to improved learning and memory in both young and old rats. The research suggests that one way for humans to improve cognitive ability is to increase one’s intake of magnesium through supplementation.

Magnesium is essential for the proper functioning of many tissues in the body, including the brain and, in an earlier study, we demonstrated that magnesium promoted synaptic plasticity in cultured brain cells,” explains lead researcher Guosong Liu. “Therefore it was tempting to take our studies a step further and investigate whether an increase in brain magnesium levels enhanced cognitive function in animals.”

Magnesium supplements, such as ActivMag from Dr. Newton’s Naturals, may be responsible for other health benefits, such as improved sleep habits and pain relief. It is also vital to proper cardiovascular function.

Scientists noted that the animals’ original diet contained relatively normal levels of magnesium, and it was only after receiving supplements that they showed increased cognitive abilities.

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