Early to bed and early to rise may keep you leaner

As Benjamin Franklin said, “Early to bed, early to rise…” makes kids thin? That’s what a study published in the October 1, 2011, issue of the journal Sleep suggests. The research, which was led by Dr. Carol Maher, recorded sleep and wake times of 2,200 Australian children, ages 9 to 16. Their weights and leisure time activities were recorded and compared for four days.

Those who were late to bed and late to rise were 1.5 times more likely to become obese than those who went to bed early and woke up early – even when they slept the same number of hours. This could be due in part to other findings of the study, that the night-owls were about twice as likely to live sedentary lifestyles and 2.9 times more likely to have more than the recommended screen time.

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