Drink your milk!

You’ve always been told to drink all your milk, and surely you’ve seen the widely popular Got Milk? campaign – but what exactly is all the fuss about? Have you ever wondered why drinking milk is good for you?

Most people know that milk is fortified with essential vitamins and nutrients like vitamin D, which is an important substance needed for strong bones and teeth. However, you may be thinking that you could just take a vitamin D supplement like Sublingual D-3 from Dr. Newton’s Naturals and avoid drinking milk altogether.

While Sublingual D-3 can provide you with your daily recommended value of vitamin D and a variety of other great benefits, there are some ingredients in milk that you can only get from picking up a carton at your local grocery store.

For instance, consider the recent study published in the June issue of Cell Metabolism, a Cell Press publication. According to Science Daily, the study discovered an ingredient in milk called nicotinamide riboside protected against obesity and provided greater physical endurance in mice. While researchers explain this will still require a lot of human testing, and would likely serve as a new kind of metabolism boosting supplement rather than consumed by drinking milk alone, it shows exciting promise in the many benefits of milk.

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