Did you know a lack of vitamin B-12 can cause your brain to shrink?

You may have enjoyed the movie, The Incredible Skrinking Man in the 1950s, but you don’t want anyone saying you have an incredible shrinking brain. However, researchers at Rush University Medical Center have found that older people who have low vitamin B-12 level may experience brain shrinking and cognitive problems.

The study looked at 121 individuals over the age of 65 as part of the Chicago Health and Aging Project (CHAP). Vitamin B-12 levels were measured in blood samples and study participants were also given memory and critical thinking tests.

“Our findings lend support for the contention that poor vitamin B12 status is a potential risk factor for brain atrophy and may contribute to cognitive impairment,” said the lead study author, Christine C. Tangney, PhD.

Although this research is too new to say with certainty that a dietary supplement prevent or reverse brain shrinkage or memory loss,it could help. Dr. Newton’s Naturals offers a supplement especially made to increase vitamin B-12 levels. Sublingual B-12 Advantage works at the cellular level to replenish the nutrients the body needs.

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