Deficiencies in vitamin D may correspond with illnesses in children

Vitamin D may help the body carry out numerous functions, some of which include protecting it against serious diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. The essential nutrient plays a vital role in helping the body heal itself. Moreover, according to a recent study published in the journal Pediatrics, 75 percent of children diagnosed with severe infections had corresponding vitamin D deficiencies.

Canadian researchers examined 300 kids being treated at several different hospitals in Canada, and found that they had lower levels of vitamin D than the average healthy population, as reported by the Vancouver Sun.

One physician, Dayre McNally, starting looking into how vitamin D affected children after he noticed that low levels were observed in patients with unexplained muscle and joint pain. After that, he began looking into other conditions, such as respiratory and blood infections.

Vitamin D can be tricky nutrient to consume enough of on a daily basis. The easiest way to get it is through sun exposure, which triggers the skin to produce it. People can make sure that they are getting it through foods that they eat, such as red peppers, oranges, broccoli and tomatoes, according to the U.S. Office of Dietary Supplements. However, they can also take an all-natural supplement, such as ActivMag-D made by Dr. Newton’s Naturals, to get their recommended daily allowance and more, which is important to prevent deficiencies.

“They can get by with low vitamin D levels when things are going well, when you’re on even ground,” said McNally. “But when you’re trying to climb the mountain, having low vitamin D levels is bad. Your heart goes, ‘Oh geez, now I really miss you.'”

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