Controlling the influence of junk food ads

Kids aren’t necessarily inclined to hate vegetables and love junk food. Unfortunately, television shows, advertisements and peer pressure often lead kids to believe that eating healthy is gross and unpopular and eating junk food is delicious and cool. Though you can’t always control what they see and the decisions they make when they’re out of the home, you may have more influence than you think.

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The next thing you can do is limit screen time in the home – sitting around watching television obviously isn’t the healthiest choice for children, and by limiting screen time, you’re also limiting the amount of advertisements they’re seeing.

You should also lead by example when you are at home and lay down the law when you have to. Simply don’t keep junk food in the house. Part of keeping your kids healthy is making healthy choices yourself. First of all, they’ll mimic your behavior, and second of all, if there’s no junk food in the house, there will be nothing to tempt them. By keeping only healthy options in the house, you can make candy, french fries and other unhealthy options a special treat.