Consider chewing gum after taking Skinny D for added weight loss benefits

Losing a substantial amount of weight can be a long and drawn-out process for people who choose to only exercise and diet. Consider aping up your weight loss by taking an all-natural weight loss supplement from Dr. Newton’s Naturals and by chewing gum.

The weight loss supplement makes sense, but can chewing gum really help you lose weight? According to a new study by Syracuse University, the answer may be yes. The research found that a hormone called human PYY is released into the body with chewing and it plays a role in appetite and energy regulation.

“They could eat a balanced meal, then chew a stick of gum. The PYY supplement would begin to kick in about three to four hours later, decreasing their appetite as they approach their next meal,” explains Syracuse chemist Robert Doyle.

Therefore, you might consider chewing gum after your meals and also taking Skinny D from Dr. Newton’s Naturals to boost your weight-loss efforts. Skinny D was developed by a medical physician, Dr. Agin, and is clinically tested to promote healthy and rapid weight loss. The best part is, it reduces your cravings for food by providing the body with the proper nutrients while only being 10 calories per serving.

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