Compounds found in garlic may promote hip joint health

Research that was conducted at King’s College London and the University of East Anglia suggests that garlic may help prevent hip osteoarthritis in women.

Authors of the study said that a nutritional and health analysis of a sample group of women showed that intake of garlic and other allium vegetables – like onions and leeks – appeared to correlate with a reduced rate of the joint disease.

To test the theory, researchers examined the compounds in garlic and found that a substance called diallyl disulphide inhibits enzymes that damage cartilage when tested on human cells.

The findings are significant since there is currently no treatment for hip osteoarthritis aside from hip replacement, the authors noted.

Results of the study suggest that diets rich in garlic and supplements containing garlic compounds may prevent hip osteoarthritis and fractures stemming from the disease. Dr. Newton’s Naturals offers a few products that contain garlic, which may provide the same benefits as whole garlic, without the bad breath.

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