Cholesterol-lowering drugs may help improve blood flow after a stroke

Researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine have discovered that cholesterol-lowering drugs, when taken in combination with those designed to break arterial clots, have been shown to effectively treat stroke victims and improve blood flow in the long term.

The study involved 31 patients who had suffered from an ischemic stroke, when a clot prevents the flow of blood to the brain. In the 12 patients who had been taking cholesterol-lowering drugs, blood flow returned to the affected areas of the brain faster than those who were only taking clot-busting drugs.

“We’ve known that patients on statins [cholesterol medication] have better stroke outcomes, but the data in this study suggest a new reason why,” says Dr. Jin-Moo Lee, a scientist at the University. “Statins may help improve blood flow to brain regions at risk of dying during ischemic stroke.”

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