Study finds emotional stress may affect hearing in women

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A new study by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden found that emotional exhaustion, particularly for women, is linked to hypersensitivity to sound. After exposing 208 women and 140 men, ages 23 to 671, to five-minute intervals of physical, mental and social stress, women who were the most emotionally stressed showed the strongest sensitivity to sounds,… Read more »

Premenstrual syndrome may be linked to reduced melatonin secretion

Findings from the Douglas Mental Health University Institute suggest that women experiencing premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), a mood disorder that can occur a week prior to menses, could also experience impaired production of melatonin, a hormone essential for sleep. According to researchers, between three to eight percent of women are affected by PMDD, which is… Read more »

Obese women may benefit from fewer, larger meals

Researchers at the University of Missouri (MU) have discovered that eating fewer, larger meals a day may be beneficial for weight loss, which is contrary to the popular belief that several, small meals are conducive to a healthy metabolism. “Our data suggests that, for obese women, eating fewer, bigger meals may be more advantageous metabolically… Read more »