10 Superfoods for Women

In celebration of National Women’s Health and Fitness, here are ten superfoods for women.  You’ll stay lean, healthy and strong when you add these foods to your diet: Brussels Sprouts – These mini-cabbages are rich in many valuable nutrients. They are an excellent source of vitamin Cand vitamin K. They are packed with dietary fiber and… Read more »

Six Surprising Effects of Coffee

Over 180 million Americans start our day with coffee to get going. Some people enjoy their coffee and apparently have no health issues with drinking it. There are however some potential negative effects of coffee, particularly at certain times and when it becomes so addictive that you find it difficult to go a day without… Read more »

Increase Your Sex Drive with These Foods

If you find that you’re frequently not in the mood, you might just need to increase your sex drive naturally by eating these foods! Black Raspberries – Both the berries and the seeds will are rich in phytochemicals that enhance both libido and sexual endurance. Eat a handful a day to keep bedroom boredom at… Read more »

Surprising Libido Boosters for Women

Okay ladies – let’s be frank. Loss of libido isn’t just a male issue. It affects many women as well. Here are some surprising libido boosters you can start trying right now. Bring the spark back to the bedroom! Scare Yourself – A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, men and women find… Read more »

Women: Your Biggest Problems with Digestion

The painful and embarrassing symptoms of digestive difficulties are not just for men. Women suffer as well.

The uncomfortable and often embarrassing symptoms associated with digestive difficulties are not just a man’s problem. Many women struggle as well. Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach lining that can lead to nausea, vomiting, or pain, and affects 25 percent of Americans. Overuse of medications such as ibuprofen is a risk factor as well as… Read more »

Cut Ovarian Cancer Risk with Exercise

moderate physical activity linked to reduced ovarian cancer risk

A recent study published in The International Journal of Cancer found that moderate physical activity was associated with a lower risk of ovarian cancer. Researchers examined patient survey responses from over 400 women with ovarian cancer and over 2,100 healthy women who were participants in the Canadian National Enhanced Cancer Surveillance System (NECSS) to study… Read more »

You Can Reduce Your Risk of Ovarian Cancer – Here’s How  

reduce risk of developing ovarian cancer

Each year in the United States, about 22,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. About 15,000 American women die each year from the disease. Certain factors increase the risk for ovarian cancer, while other factors reduce risk. The main risk factors for ovarian cancer are: Age – About two-thirds of women are diagnosed with ovarian… Read more »

Fish, Endive and Onions, Oh My!

foods that can help reduce risk of ovarian cancer

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Diet plays a major role in maintaining the overall health and function of the ovaries and some experts believe that one-third of all cancers can be prevented by what you eat. Angiogenesis is the body’s process of growing new blood vessels. The Angiogenesis Foundation researches the way certain foods… Read more »

Women’s Health – True or False?

female health myths and quiz

1. Women have smaller bladders than men. FALSE – women may need to use the bathroom more frequently than their male counterparts, but this has more to do with the position of their bladder rather than its size. 2. Women reach their sexual peak by age 35. FALSE – studies haven’t been able to definitively… Read more »

Sex Drive – It’s Not Just a Guy Thing

increase female sex drive

Low sex drive in women isn’t often talked about. After all, there is no objective way to measure sexual desire or pleasure, and every woman has to define for herself whether her libido is adequate for her or not. A woman’s sexual desires also naturally fluctuate over the years. Highs and lows commonly coincide with… Read more »