Diet Packed with Protein Can Beat Holiday Bulge

Want to lose weight this holiday season instead of gain those extra pounds? New research published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition confirms that people who follow high-protein diets may have more success losing weight than those who eat less protein and more carbohydrates. Researchers pooled results from 24 past trials that put subjects on… Read more »

Your Weight May Be Giving You Heartburn – Literally.

According to one of the largest studies ever to examine gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), heartburn and other symptoms of acid reflux, the prevalence of these gastrointestinal disorders has risen nearly 50 percent over the last decade. The study followed more than 30,000 people in Norway for 11 years.  When the study began, 11.6 percent of… Read more »

5 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

The hustle of holiday season can easily cause a shift in our normal eating routines. It’s not uncommon to find ourselves eating on the go, rushing through meals and over indulging at parties. Even when we do sit down to eat, our attention is likely else where. Stay focused on these digestion fundamentals in order to… Read more »

Losing Weight Can Alleviate Painful Symptoms of Osteoarthitis

Obesity and Osteoarthritis Did you know that being only 10 pounds overweight increases the force on the knee by 30-60 pounds with each step?  Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common joint disorder with painful symptoms in the hands, knees, hips, back and neck.  Overweight women are nearly 4 times more likely to develop knee osteoarthritis… Read more »

Unwanted Weight Is Probably Causing You Pain!

Obesity isn’t just a cosmetic problem; it’s very much a health problem as well. According to the American Obesity Association (AOA) 64.5% of adult Americans (about 127 million) are categorized as being overweight or obese. The unfortunate truth is that obesity is becoming a global epidemic, affecting both adults and children. There are many reasons… Read more »

3 fun ways to lose weight without a treadmill

If you’re like most people, you don’t especially enjoy going to the gym day in and day out, running on the treadmill and counting calories on the elliptical. Not only can these exercises be extremely tiring, they can also be so boring all you can do is focus on how tired you are. Limiting yourself… Read more »

Achieve your weight loss goals in 4 easy steps

It may seem hard to be enthusiastic during the summer, especially if you’re bigger in the midsection than you’d prefer. However, with these four tips you can get one step closer to feeling great and achieving your weight loss goals. 1. Eat better foods. Summer can be an excellent time to indulge in fatty foods… Read more »

A food diary keeps weight loss plans on track

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By writing down what they eat in food diaries, dieters will discover bad eating habits they may not have noticed. Eating mindlessly, piling up huge portions and letting emotions and moods lead to overindulgence are actions that a food journal will be able to keep in check. Keeping a food diary has as much to do… Read more »

Keep salad healthy by skipping the high-calorie toppings

Salad can be a deceptive food choice. People select it as a healthy alternative to a high-fat, high-calorie double cheeseburger, but they may not be getting the low-calorie benefits they want. Put simply, the more that goes into a salad, the less beneficial it may be for someone trying to lose weight. It all depends… Read more »