Don’t Let Holiday Stress Get The Best of You!

What are the Root Causes of Holiday Stress? Doing Too Much The problem with the holiday season is that we often experience too much of a good thing. While stress itself is necessary for our survival and zest for life (researchers call this positive type of stress “eustress”), too much stress has a negative impact on… Read more »

Myth: Smoking Eases Stress

You know smoking is bad for you.  You might have even tried to quit.  But then, something stressful happens and the only thing you can think about is lighting up.  Well, think again.  That cigarette may not have the calming qualities you think it does.  Studies have found that in reality, the opposite is true. … Read more »

Back to School Blues: How to Recognize Adolescent Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety and stress is an all-too-common problem faced by children today. As with adults, children respond differently to stress depending on their age, individual personalities and coping skills. When it comes to anxiety in children, younger grade-schoolers may not be able to fully explain their feelings whereas older kids may be able to say exactly… Read more »

4 Back to School Stress Busters

In getting your children ready for the back to school rush you are probably facing a considerable amount of stress. It is easy to become overwhelmed by a seemingly endless list of demands.  Making sure your kids have all their “nutritional holes” filled by taking supplements is top on everyone’s list – along with school… Read more »

Study finds emotional stress may affect hearing in women

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A new study by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden found that emotional exhaustion, particularly for women, is linked to hypersensitivity to sound. After exposing 208 women and 140 men, ages 23 to 671, to five-minute intervals of physical, mental and social stress, women who were the most emotionally stressed showed the strongest sensitivity to sounds,… Read more »