Pain is Prohibiting Sleep

A 2015 poll by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) found that pain is a significant factor in the gap between the amount of sleep Americans say they need and the amount they’re actually getting. The numbers are startling with an average 42-minute sleep debt for those with chronic pain and 14 minutes for those who’ve… Read more »

10 Steps to Better Sleep

Getting a better night’s sleep doesn’t have to be hard. Here are ten steps you can start implementing right away. Melatonin – Take a natural melatonin supplement 15-30 minutes before bed, nightly. Dim Lights – Turn lights down or off in your bedroom to stimulate the release of melatonin and initiate the sleep process. Settle… Read more »

This is Your Brain Without Sleep

  Scientists in Canada recently published a study containing solid evidence that poor sleep quality inhibits the brain’s ability to clear itself of toxins by causing large spaces in the brain. The researchers from The Sunnybrook Research Institute in Toronto suggest that sleep is crucial to allowing the brain to rid itself of waste from… Read more »

Using Vitamin B to Combat Stress

Referred to as vitamin B complex, the eight B vitamins — B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12 — play a crucial role in keeping our bodies running well and reducing stress levels. Here’s the lowdown on how you can use vitamin B to combat stress and where you’re most likely to find them:… Read more »

6 Sneaky Signs of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea affects the way you breathe when you’re sleeping. In untreated sleep apnea, breathing is briefly interrupted or becomes very shallow during sleep. These breaks in breathing typically last between 10 to 20 seconds and can occur up to hundreds of times a night, causing major interruptions to your natural sleep rhythm. As a… Read more »

Ten Tips to Help You Sleep Better Tonight

If you’re already on your third cup of coffee or just can’t make it through the afternoon without a caffeinated pick-me-up, then you probably aren’t getting enough sleep at night. Here are ten quick tips to help you sleep better tonight: Eliminate the Screen – Studies show that stimulation and the blue glow emitted from… Read more »

Sleep Deprivation Causes You to Eat More Fatty Foods

A new study has found that skipping just one night of sleep leads to a shift in brain activity that increases the desire to consume more fat the following day. Researchers say the study offers more insight into the relationship between lack of sleep and risk of obesity. The loss of sleep actually altered what’s… Read more »

A Better Bedtime Routine For Your Skin

a better bedtime routine for skin

You know you should at least wash your face before going to bed, but how often do you just crawl under the covers without even removing the dirt and grime of the day? Here are ten tips to a better bedtime for your skin: Cleanse – If you do nothing else, you have to at… Read more »

Getting One More Hour of Sleep Can Save Your Life  

Get more sleep to keep your heart healthy

    The holidays are here and we’re all running on empty. There is so much to be done and yet the days still only have just 24 hours each. And so, we stay up later to get everything accomplished. But recent research suggests that getting just one extra hour of sleep each night could… Read more »

Top Five Reasons You Can’t Sleep

5 factors affecting your sleep

  1. Pain According to a survey from the National Sleep Foundation, 15% of Americans reported suffering from chronic pain, and two-thirds also reported having sleep problems. Back pain, headaches, and temporomandibular joint syndrome in the jaw (TMJ) are the main causes of pain-related sleep loss. 2. Snoring It is estimated that 30% to 50%… Read more »