Vitamin D Protects Against Colorectal Cancer

If you needed another good reason to play in the sun this summer, a new study has uncovered evidence that vitamin D can help protect against colorectal cancer. Previous studies looking at the link between vitamin D levels and colorectal cancer were inconclusive. However, this new study, led by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public… Read more »

Whey Protein and Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer among American men. A recent study found that whey protein might help in the prevention of prostate cancer. Whey is a liquid byproduct of the cheese production process and is extremely rich in protein. Scientists discovered that when they treated human prostate cells in the lab with whey… Read more »

Protein Packed Snacks for Men

Getting your required daily dose of protein can prove challenging for anyone, especially when you’re trying to stay in shape, build some muscle or lose weight. It’s especially difficult for men since they tend to gravitate toward sweet or salty, unhealthy snack choices. Here are five protein-packed snacks to keep you going throughout the day. Pumpkin seeds… Read more »

Boost Testosterone with Vitamin D-3

Testosterone is considered the most crucial of all male hormones. Testosterone is responsible for helping men build strong muscles, enhancing libido, and improving energy levels. A deficiency in testosterone may cause a man to lose his sex drive, experience erectile dysfunction, develop osteoporosis, feel depressed, and lose muscle mass. Low levels of testosterone have also… Read more »

Why Men Lose Weight Faster than Women

Are you and your significant other trying to shed some pounds? Does it seem like he’s having more luck than you? Unfortunately, it’s true. Men typically lose weight faster than women. Here are some reasons for this unfair phenomenon: More Lean Muscle – men usually have more upper body muscle than women. Since muscle burns… Read more »

Prostate Cancer Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency

According to a study from Northwestern, African-American and European-American men at high risk of prostate cancer are more likely to be diagnosed with an aggressive form of the disease if they have a vitamin D deficiency. The results were published in May of 2014 in Clinical Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association of… Read more »

The Best Exercises for Men

You don’t have to be a serious athlete, but getting daily exercise is important for so many reasons. It helps energize you, maintain your optimum weight and even boosts your mood, while warding off illness. If you’re not the type to hit the gym, here are four of the best exercises for men: Swimming –… Read more »

Your Attitude Toward Aging Could Predict Longevity

Scientists have discovered that there is truth in the old saying, “You’re only as old as you feel.” Researchers found that those who feel younger than they really are have a better life expectancy and they claim that self-perceived age is a good predictor of longevity. 6,500 older adults taking part in the English Longitudinal… Read more »

Study to Determine How Diet Affects Prostate Cancer

Can what you eat help prevent prostate cancer? Several studies have shown that in countries where men eat a typical “Western” diet containing a large amount of meat, the incidence of prostate cancer, particularly aggressive prostate cancer, is higher than in countries where plant-based foods are a primary part of the diet. Unfortunately, these studies… Read more »

The Role of Race in Prostate Cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute there were roughly 233,000 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed in America last year. There were also an estimated 29,480 deaths from prostate cancer in 2014.  Prostate cancer has been found to occur more often in men of African descent, whether African-American or Afro-Caribbean. African American men are actually more than twice as likely to die of… Read more »