Cognitive function improves due to aerobic exercise

A recent review published in the journal Psychonomic Bulletin and Review suggests that aerobic exercise produces significant benefits in cognitive function for older adults. From pursuing tasks to improved memory, aerobic exercise has been shown to boost the brain function of seniors in several recent studies reviewed in the publication. Elders who are active and… Read more »

Study shows weightlifting benefits vascular systems of black men

A recent study showed that six weeks of weight training can benefit the vascular health of black men, a demographic that usually suffers from higher rates of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, as well as kidney disease and hypertension, which can develop in individuals as young as 8 to 10 years old. During the research,… Read more »

Olympic athletes live longer than normal people

Recent research published in the British Medical Journal has found that Olympic athletes have longer life expectancies than non-athletes reported Medical News Today. During the first study investigators analyzed 15,174 Olympic athletes between 1896 and 2010, who participated in different sports and had diverse nationalities. They found that the Olympians had an average life expectancy… Read more »