Energy Bars are Glorified Cookies

While an energy bar may sound like a great pre-workout snack, many of them are nothing more than glorified cookies. Many of these bars can pack a staggering 300-plus calories, far more than the ones you’re probably about to burn off. When energy bars first appeared in grocery stores in the late 1980s, they were marketed… Read more »

Top Tips for Rest and Recovery

When you’re an active, sporty individual, you might not think about what your body needs post-workout. However, rest and recovery after exercise is essential to muscle and tissue repair and strength building. After heavy use, a muscle needs anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to repair and rebuild, and working it too hard or too… Read more »

Energy Drinks and Heart Health

If you find yourself resorting to energy drinks for that afternoon slump, you may want to think again. A new study has found that consuming multiple energy drinks on a regular basis can increase your risk of abnormal heart rhythm and raise blood pressure levels. If you already have a heart condition, you need to… Read more »

How Daily Exercise Increases Energy Levels

If you’re lacking energy, it may seem counterintuitive, but you need to get some exercise! That’s right, exercise can actually increase your energy levels. It’s not complicated. When you get regular exercise, you experience: An increase in endorphin levels.  Endorphins are your body’s natural hormones and when you do something requiring a burst of energy,… Read more »

Five Energy Boosting Foods

Instead of reaching for that afternoon coffee, trying one of these energy boosting snacks instead.   They’ll provide a quick pick-me-up, without the caffeine slump a few hours later.  Apple or Banana with Peanut Butter – You don’t even need to keep a whole jar in your desk anymore. There are single serving containers of peanut… Read more »

The Calming Effects of Calcium and Magnesium

Does March Madness get you all worked up? The game ends and you just can’t seem to fall asleep as you run your own play-by-plays through your head. You need to relax and calm down. But it seems almost impossible. Let’s talk about the calming effects of calcium and magnesium. Calcium is an essential nutrient for maintaining total… Read more »

Five Healthy Game Day Snack Ideas

The Final Four are playing this weekend in a March Madness mash-up not to be missed. If you’re already planning your game day menus, you’re likely gathering the fixings for nachos, wings, chip and dip and more. And while your team might thank you for the show of enthusiastic loyalty, your digestive system and waistline… Read more »

Exercise and Vitamin B Deficiency

B vitamins are responsible for creating energy from the food you eat. According to recent studies, being even slightly deficient in these vital nutrients can decrease your body’s ability to repair itself after exercising and inhibit energy levels and performance during workouts. A study from the University of Oregon found that athletes who don’t consume… Read more »

Three Desk Exercises to Increase Energy

Are you getting notices from your Fitbit, smart phone or watch telling you it’s time to stand up and stretch? It can be so easy to ignore those warnings and keep working away. But if you’re struggling to get through the afternoon because you have no energy, you should listen to your device and try… Read more »

Five Reasons You’re Always Tired

If you find yourself dragging throughout the day and don’t have enough energy to do the things you love, there could be an underlying reason. Here are five of the most common reasons you’re always tired: You’re Not Drinking Enough Water – Being even slightly dehydrated can take a huge toll on energy levels. Dehydration… Read more »