Calcium supplements may be essential to bone health

A broad range of scientific research has shown that calcium supplementation may be a vital step towards maintaining bone health and that consumers should not doubt their efficacy.

“Adequate calcium intake is vital to building and maintaining healthy bones, and to preventing osteoporosis – which is caused by a failure to build adequate bone mass or by bone loss that occurs as we age,” says Dr. Andrew Shao, senior VP of the Council for Responsible Nutrition. Most people do not get enough calcium from diet alone, and this is where a calcium supplement can be important to consumers of all ages.”

Calcium supplements, such as CalMax Original from Dr. Newton’s Naturals, are especially important because the majority of Americans do not receive enough through diet alone. Sufficient levels of calcium may help promote bone density and cardiovascular health.

Low levels of calcium force the body to use what is contained in bones, which is why they grow weaker. Regular intake can help offset the natural decaying process that occurs as we grow older, ensuring our bones are healthy until late in life.

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